International Children’s Day celebration

Our approach is to work with community organisations – women’s groups, Dalit groups, positive people and others – helping to provide the skills and resources for them to fight to reduce the poverty, violence and discrimination in their lives.

There is so much communities can do for themselves – from credit for micro-enterprise to increase incomes to campaigning against discrimination or taking legal action against caste or gender based violence.

We work through NGO partners that we know really well, most of them for more than 20 years.

VST trustees know south India well; many of them have lived there. Our field officer is a UK national who has been based at our main partner organisation for 30 years.

We focus on one locality because we know the people, the place and the problems intimately, we have an affection for that small corner of India, and with focus comes impact. We are making a difference.

Our donors are vital to us, and we treat their money with respect. We keep our UK costs very low – making the most of volunteer and donated resources – so we can concentrate our funds on work in India

We believe in openness. Everything about VST – our successes and our failures – is reported here on our website, for all to see.