A rally on International Women’s Day

These are the achievements of the people we work with. Our part is providing funds, training and staff support.

VST and its partner Arogya Agam have …

  • promoted the formation of 1,200 women’s self help groups that help their members with low cost credit and campaign for women’s rights.
  • enabled more than 11,000 women to obtain credit for micro-enterprise thereby doubling their income. When families are better off, girls stay in school longer.
  • supported a district women’s movement representing 25,000 self-help group members that campaigns against domestic and other violence against women.
  • seen the girl-boy ratio where we have campaigned go from 918:1,000 in the 2001 census to 1006:1,000 in 2011.
  • backed Dalit activists campaigning against discrimination, violence and oppressive demeaning practices.
  • were among the first to work on HIV/Aids in India.
  • support an association of HIV positive people that helps its 1,800 members and campaigns for the rights of positive people.
  • continued innovative approaches by working with men at high risk of HIV/Aids.