Murugayee and MariammalMurugayee lives in the small tribal village of Gandhinagar located near to the Palani hills on the plains with her daughter Mariammal. Her husband left the family many years ago to remarry and hasn’t supported the family since. It is difficult for the family to live on a single income, especially because a woman is paid considerably less than a man. Murugayee works as an agricultural day labourer, which only pays 100 rupees for a full day’s work.

Even under these difficult circumstances she has kept Mariammal, who is 15 years old, in school. She says she wants Mariammal to have a better life where she doesn’t have to work as an unskilled labourer.

Mariammal has successfully completed her 10th standard board exams with very good marks. In the tribal community it is very rare to be enrolled in 10th standard let alone pass. Her family and the village people are very proud of her, and Mariammal is seen as a role model for the other children. Arogya Agam has ensured that she continues in 11th standard and provided her with uniforms and school materials.