Western volunteer meets a tribal children group.
Western volunteer meets a tribal children’s group.

We have one placement in the field for a graduate/postgraduate for 9 to 12 months each year to work alongside the team at Arogya Agam. This is for someone who is interested and wants to learn more about the project areas, development and the NGO sector. The volunteer works with the various project teams as well as management at every level of the organisation’s work.

Our previous volunteer says: “It has been ideal for someone in their first role overseas and it has given me a valuable look into the NGO world at every level. The position is for someone who is willing to adjust to village life in rural India, which has been excellent for me as an anthropology graduate. I’ve found it as exciting to live, as it’s been to work here. The role is very informal and open-ended and it’s easy to adapt it around your personal interests. When I think back on the day I arrived I’ve learnt so much since then and it’s been an excellent opportunity to use my degree hands on.”

At the moment we are looking for someone to take up the position from Autumn 2017 and if you’re interested and want to know more do not hesitate to contact us.

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