VST is a registered UK charity (no. 277111). We depend on supporters’ donations to fund activities that aim to bring greater economic and social justice and better health in India, particularly in Theni district in Tamil Nadu where most of our partner organisations are based. We want our supporters to know how we are spending their donations, and to try to explain the issues we seek to address. We aim to do this through our newsletters and annual report.

Contacting supporters

Unless supporters have told us not to contact them, we post our newsletters and annual reports to all supporters who have made donations in the last two years and to anyone who has requested that we send them such information either by post or email. We also contact supporters to confirm receipt of and to thank them for their donations and to ask if they wish to make a Gift Aid declaration.

Collecting supporters’ information

We acquire details about our supporters when they make a donation or respond to an appeal or express an interest in being kept informed about VST. We also receive details when donations are made through Charities Aid Foundation and Virgin Money Giving and permission has been given to those organisations to share the details with us.

Supporters’ data

The data we keep consists of supporters’ names, addresses, donation amounts and dates, whether a Gift Aid declaration is in force, and, if supporters have provided them, email addresses, bank details  and telephone numbers. We keep this data in order to maintain contact with supporters, claim Gift Aid, and keep accounts records. We process this data on the basis that either consent has been provided or a legitimate interest exists. We do not share this data with any other organisations except when claiming Gift Aid from HMRC and in having our accounts professionally examined. We take care to safeguard the privacy of your data. Supporters can ask to see their data. If they have a complaint about their data they should contact VST’s secretary, and if not satisfied, the Information Commissioner’s Office at www.ico.org.uk

Ending contact from VST

Supporters who no longer wish to be contacted simply need to tell us, using use the contact form on this website or by phoning, writing or emailing using the contact details on this website or on our literature. If supporters ask us to stop sending information, we keep a record of this instruction.

How long do we keep supporters’ data?

We retain supporters’ details for two years after they last made a donation or last provided a consent to be contacted. After that time we will maintain a record that they no longer wish to be contacted.