Oppressed, dominated, maltreated, exploited, vulnerable, insecure. All these words could describe the position of women in village India. Brave, feisty, determined, assertive, bold, confident. These words too are true of such women. The difference: the self-help group. VST and its partners support a 20,000-strong women’s movement of self-help group members.

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VST's Pennine Way Walk

This May members of VST will be walking the famous Pennine Way to raise money for all of our work here at VST. We have organised the walk into stages and will be offering to transport your bags between each accommodation point. Whether you want to join for the whole walk or can only spare a weekend or afternoon. Get fundraising and come join us this May!

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Anyone can get infected by HIV but not everyone does. The most vulnerable in society are most at risk – such as migrants, those in debt, the lowest in the caste system, the poorest, those least able to avoid unsafe sex, or forced into a situation where they have to sell sex. VST and its partners try to break this alliance of poverty, inequality and disease.

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